Study the Impacts of the U District Rezone

On Small Businesses

Our U District will forever be altered by the pending U District Rezone, where new buildings may be as tall as the UW Tower. This change will affect small businesses dramatically and the city must study the impacts before more of us are endangered.

The Seattle City Council Planning, Land Use, and Zoning (PLUZ) Committee is expected to vote on the U District Rezone this January, with a possible Full Council vote in early February. Ask them to consider the impacts on small businesses before rushing this through.

If you are unable to attend in person, please take a moment to send a message to Seattle City Council and to ask them to study the impacts on small businesses and to delay the U District Rezone.


Email Your Councilmembers!

Click on the link to your councilmember to send an email asking the city to study the impacts of the rezone on small businesses. Rob Johnson is the councilmember for the 4th District, in which the U District is located, and he is also chair of the PLUZ Committee.


PLUZ Committee Members:

Rob Johnson, Seattle City Council - 4th District, Chair

Mike O'Brien, Seattle City Council - 6th District, Vice Chair

Lisa Herbold, Seattle City Council - 1st District, Member

Lorena Gonzalez, Seattle City Council - Position 9, Alternate

Other Councilmembers:

Bruce Harrell, Seattle City Council - 2nd District

Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Council - 3rd District

Debora Juarez, Seattle City Council - 5th District

Sally Bagshaw, Seattle City Council - 7th District

Tim Burgess, Seattle City Council - Position 8


Suggested Message

The U District is a unique and diverse mix of independent small businesses that are endangered by the pending up zone, the impacts of which have not been studied sufficiently by the city.

The current version of the U District Rezone includes limited mitigation that only benefits property owners and landlords, not the commercial tenant businesses, who may not survive the anticipated level of development. An essential part of the identity and character of the U District is provided by our small businesses.

Now is the time to study the impacts of the rezone before we lose even more legacy small businesses.


Featured Small Business

Cafe Allegro

Seattle's Oldest Espresso Bar Est. 1975For over 40 years Cafe Allegro has been the touchstone for Seattle coffeehouses. With a timeless brick interior, weathered dark wood and ample seating, Cafe Allegro has been the home way from home for thousands of folks around the world. Featuring Seattle style coffees, bold blends that warm you up like a well worn flannel on a drizzly day... Read more >

Phone (206) 633-3030
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