Fourth District City Council Candidate Forum

Focus on the U District

The forum was co-hosted by the U District Small Businesses, U District Community Council, University Park Community Club, Seattle Displacement Coalition, and U District Advocates, who each asked one question of each candidate. The event was moderated by Cliff Cawthon, who teaches Political Science at Bellevue Community College. Additional questions from the community were submitted during the event on paper cards. Questions focused on issues related to the U District.

We greatly appreciate the generous support of U Heights Community Center for hosting the community, Trader Joe's in the U District for providing refreshments, and to KODX for streaming the event.


Video of the City Council Candidate Forum focused on the U District


Straw Poll Results

Candidate Forum Straw Poll Results

Fourth District Candidates

Drawings by William P. Morse, Illustrator, who attended the event as a neighbor.


Sasha Anderson
Ethan Hunter
Frank Krueger
Beth Mountsier
Emily Myers
Joshua Newman
Alex Pedersen
Shaun Scott
Heidi Stuber
Cathy Tuttle
Cliff Cawthon



Questions from the Five Sponsoring Community Groups

U District Small Businesses

Do you support removing the Ave from the second upzone of the U District (yes or no), and then, what will you do to address commercial displacement in the U District?


U District Community Council

Do you support the increase of 6” to each lane on Brooklyn Avenue NE to accommodate the possibility of direct bus transfers to our pending U District light rail station?


University Park Community Club

What is your opinion about public restrooms at or near major transit stations, and specifically near the U District station?


Seattle Displacement Coalition

Do you support a measure, currently under study by the council, to require developers to pay "impact fees” for new infrastructure for schools, transportation, and parks?


U District Advocates

What is your strategy to make the U District BIA & Partnership more representative of our community to support their renewal?


43 Questions From the Public

Displacement & Affordability

The building going up at Brooklyn/47th (24 stories) is an eyesore. Which candidate is against up zoning?

How will you prevent the displacement of critical services due to development/closure of churches?

Councilmember Johnson said the city is only interested in the percentage tax not the building, how do you think this will affect displacement?

Do you believe that building more market rate housing results in more affordable housing? Yes or no. Define affordable housing with numbers.

Rent control, yes or no?

Do you support councilmember Herbold's proposal requiring developers to replace 1-for-1 every affordable rental removed and at a comparable rate?

What will you do to address commercial displacement in the U District?



What specifically will you do to prevent zoning the Ave? How will you preserve legacy small business?

Do you support removing the Ave from the second upzone of the U District?


Historic Preservation


Do you support a historic district designation for the Ave?

How will you streamline the transfer of development rights to help preserve historic properties and to create efficiencies within the process?

Are you supportive of seeking a historic designation for the Ave?




I am concerned about parking in the U District, currently apartments are not required to provide parking for tenants and that have eliminated more parking. What would you do about parking issues in the U District?

Will you honor Eastlake small businesses by protecting their vital need for patron parking?


Community Partnerships


As a councilmember, will you commit to community building by passing the renewal of the U District BIA?

How do you plan to reach out and work with neighborhoods in District 4 to address the concerns as you help shape any new legislation?

How will you support the work that the UDP has done in the community?

What do you think the UWs responsibility should be in promoting a more pedestrian-friendly U District?

What is your strategy to improve community representation on the boards of the U District BIA and the U District Partnership to support their renewal next year?

How would you recommit the city to the mission of the City University Community Advisory Committee (CUCAC)?




What are your plans for treatments for mentally ill youth?

Can you name one specific strategy to solve homelessness or affordable housing needs that Seattle is already doing and you would increase?

Can you discuss some good ways to address the homeless issue in the U District?

Up zoning and development in the U District has led many churches leasing or selling their property. This has displaced many social service organizations including the Roots shelter and the needle exchange. How will your campaign protect and provide for the most vulnerable in our society?

How would you handle homelessness in tents who repeatedly reject offers of shelter?

This previous Sunday I cleaned up an outside site were one of the long-term indigent members had been sleeping. I collected about 20 syringes to dispose. There are no drug maintenance health facilities in Seattle north of the ship canal. Would you support such treatment in the areas of the city that have drug addicted people?


Pedestrian Improvements


Does anyone wish to give consideration to closing the Ave to all motor vehicles?

As the U District becomes denser, public open space becomes more critical. Do you support revitalizing the Ave as a pedestrian-only destination and how do you think we should get there?


Natural Environment and Parks


Will you pledge to minimize tree removal and maximize retention of significant trees?

What is your plan to create a sustainable/green District 4? How does it interface with the current Seattle climate action plan?

How would you compensate or mitigate for the loss of backyard habitat for birds due to denser zoning?

The U District Parks Plan has identified essential public square as the neighborhood's number one open space priority. Do you support the erection of U District public square knowing that this may require considering the use of eminent domain?

Will you encourage enforcement of current park laws or would you rather change the laws and allow the current activity?

What are your views on repairing parks and green space in the U District, especially Ravenna Park, Cowan Park (Olmstead designed green spaces) for damage done by unauthorized homeless camps?




Since Seattle is a "tech city," how would you leverage technology to help solve local problems?

Is there any limit to population growth in Seattle? Or is "density" the answer, with infinite density the goal?

What is your opinion of the corporate worker tax?

Do you support some form of socialism?

What do you want your legacy to be?

What is unique about you that makes you a good candidate?

Does your campaign do robo-calls?

Which candidate would accept a campaign contribution from Amazon through the Metro Chamber of Commerce?

Recently the SPD was found to be not in compliance with the consent decree. Knowing that, would you renew the SPD contract today if you are on the Council?