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Bulldog News

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  • Phone: (206) 632-NEWS
  • Address: 4208 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105 - Map

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    Bulldog News is dedicated to the creation of public space. Public Space is not a physical locale. It is the sense of place created when a community-based dialogue transforms ideas and experiences into shared meaning and common purpose.

    At the Bulldog, we champion the possibility of this dialogue without cynicism. Our stores create an open and welcoming environment where all points of view are engaged. Implicit in our approach is the assertion that an inclusive community has the right and power to define its destiny.

    By providing a comprehensive selection of periodicals and a gathering place for coffee and conversation, Bulldog News encourages a convening of perspectives. We hope we act in support of the community as it creates for itself a unique identity based upon something more than individual or collective “interests.”

    When the public space is illuminated by our shared values, we become visible to one another as individuals, rather than potential antagonists or allies. We also gain both the opportunity and the obligation to be our best selves. This is why we ask you to help make Bulldog News the place...“where your neighborhood meets the world.”