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The Unity Museum

"The Best Little Secret on the Ave"

The Fire Inspector is familiar with every nook and cranny along the Ave, and speaks with authority. So when he declared the Unity Museum upstairs at 4341½ University Way as “the best little secret on the Ave,” we are inclined to believe him. We are a non-profit cultural institution exploring the prospects for peace and unity in our modern world, a unity that does not rely on uniformity, but on unity in diversity.

The Unity Museum has earned its place since 2012 as a “Gathering Center on The Ave” across from the University of Washington Bookstore. We offer a warm, hands-on, interactive atmosphere and provide a distinctive opportunity for students and our many global visitors to gain an insight into their own local, national and international history.

We also provide an intriguing connection between a unifying set of ideals and social principles, aiming to inform and spark dialogue via free Brunch Talks in the welcome lounge, a stroll through our small gallery, perusing the ever-changing Museum exhibits, and a private study reference library. We also offer an intimate TV/kitchen lounge, a reading/board game room, a 3-D printer/arts & crafts room, plus hot coffee, tea and home-baked cookies in the conversation foyer.

Come and join our “Unity Family” to explore and envision a future for generations to come. Come view our exhibit on Remarkable Washington Women and our Time Train with a scheduled run between 1800 and 2050, ending in a time tunnel.

We are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday between 11:00 and 2:30. Best of all, it’s all free of charge.


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